13 September 2010

welcome to the sexy athlete!

The Sexy Athlete is my pet project, and something born of my love of sports. My family has a rich history, involving 4 championship rings. I was raised two blocks from the Philadelphia sports complex, and still live there today. On the odd night I'm not at the game, I can hear Phillies homeruns and Eagles scoring from my house before it hits the airwaves.

So how was The Sexy Athlete born? Well, I graduated from Temple University in May with a degree in Sports Management after having interned for the Philadelphia Flyers for over a year. During that time, and my experiences in baseball with my dad who works for the Phillies Front Office, I have come into close contact with just about every professional athlete in the leagues. I have definitely gotten some great looks up close! Being around such nice-looking people almost daily lead me to posting on my Twitter about each game's Sexy Opponent. Eventually, this lead me to join some girlfriends on a Phillies-based blog, Chicks Dig The Long Ball, detailing the hottest player on each opposing team we were facing. During the Flyers season, I'll be posting here as well as there about who to keep an eye out for behind enemy lines (don't worry - it'll be the exact same post!).

This is just something I'm doing for fun, so maybe if I get some readers, great, but either way I think it'll be a great time! Also, be sure to add The Sexy Athlete on Twitter!